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Recycling Bottles

Refuse and Recycling

"Give Your Trash a Second Chance"

paper recycling


Patricia Zendarski


Call Mascaro in the event of garbage not being picked up

The City of Nanticoke’s Refuse Department collaborates with JP Mascaro & Sons for Collection & Recycling, and Landfill Departments. The services provided by our departments have a profound effect on our citizens’ everyday lives. Our department is dedicated to providing exceptional service for the overall comfort, safety and quality of life for our community by implementing the following guidelines:

  • Provide a safe and environmentally friendly landfill operation for proper disposal of garbage.

  • To maintain the collection and disposal of garbage and recycling under all federal, state and local regulations in the most cost effective manner.

  • To collect the citizen’s refuse and debris in the most expedient, safest and efficient manner.


All Billing questions and complaints are to be directed to Patricia Zendarski at the Nanticoke City Hall.

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