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Public Works & Sewer Department

Rick Josefowicz
Phone - 570-574-5104

Mission Statement
The Nanticoke City Public Works Department strives to provide the residents with a variety of public works services efficiently. This includes and is not limited to maintenance and includes basic road services such as; pavement repairs, resurfacing, applicable street signage and winter snow and ice removal and quick and effective responses to inclement weather damage.

In an ongoing effort to encourage civic pride and community spirit, officials of the city of Nanticoke wish to inform residents that roadside and curb dirt will be collected by the city Public Works Department. Residents making the effort to keep their street and curbside clean can call City Hall and request pick up of the containers. Containers can be left on the tree lawn or curbside. Regular yard waste, grass clippings and small branches will continue to be picked up on regular collection days.

Helpful Hints in Preparing for Winter Snow Removal

Early preparation and patience with our snowplow operators will help to get us all through another Nanticoke winter.
A few things to remember:

  • It is very helpful to avoid any unnecessary parking in the streets during a snowstorm.

  • Please don’t leave loose items such as bicycles, trashcans or lawn and garden tools near the street or sidewalk. The City is not responsible for damage to personal property left within the street or sidewalk right-of-way.

  • It is illegal to remove snow from your driveway and place it on the City streets or sidewalks.

    Ever gone out and shoveled your driveway only to have the plow come by five minutes after you’ve finished and plow it in again? Most of us have had this experience. Please understand that this is not an attempt by the plow operator to ruin your day. After the plow goes by, it will be awhile before it returns. It’s very important that the streets are thoroughly cleaned after a storm to prevent freezing of any snow or ice left in the streets.


Please remember...Our first priorities are major streets.
If you have special needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, please let us know.

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